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What is a Negative Dilute Drug Test Result?

A negative dilute drug test result doesn’t mean the sample wasn’t diluted. On the contrary, it’s a red flag for lab technicians that something’s up.

Drug users need jobs, too. They will stoop to any means to “pass” a company drug test. The numerous detox products on the market testify to that fact. Not to mention the home remedies that abound.

People that use CBD products also worry about testing positive for marijuana. With no regulations in place, manufacturers aren’t held to any standards. Some CBD products contain enough THC to cause a positive test result. They know they aren’t inhibited by the drug, but rules are rules. If marijuana is on the testing panel and you pop positive, you lose your job.

Since 90% of employers use the urine drug test, a huge misconception is that flushing your system right before a test works. It’s a known fact that back in the day, (and we’re talking the 80’s here) that could get you by.

Not anymore.


Drug testing has come a long way from it’s humble beginning. There is virtually no way to hide the fact that drug metabolites are in your body.

However, people still try by drinking an excessive amount of water or other some other liquid before taking a drug test. When you overload your body on fluids you cause your body’s creatinine levels to be out of the normal range. A test specimen’s creatinine level out of the normal range alerts employers that someone tried to hide drug use.


If creatinine levels are out of the normal range, someone drank a lot of something not long before the urine test. But the breakdown goes even further.

There are two definitions of the diluted drug test result. They read positive or negative.

Positive Dilute Drug Test Result

If the creatinine levels are not normal and drug metabolites are detected, it’s a double whammy for the employee. Not only do they have drugs in their system, but they also tried to hide it.

A positive dilute result is grounds for termination if submitted by a federally regulated employer. If the employee is in the general workforce, their employer will follow the documented policy for a positive drug test result.

Negative Dilute Drug Test Result

When the creatinine levels are out of normal range, yet there are no drug metabolites detected, a negative dilute is the test result. This is cause for concern from an employers perspective. Does it indicate someone worried about having refrained from drug use long enough to pass the test?

Many employers have policies in place that require an employee to take another drug test. However, DOT policies require a negative result or the employee no longer has a job.

Drinks and diuretics

If you are going to take a urine drug test and don’t use drugs, you can alleviate your chance of ever raising a red flag with a negative dilute drug test result.

The first thing to remember is to avoid drinking large quantities of fluid before a test. No more than 24 ounces is the recommendation. Avoid too much caffeine intake and other diuretics. They may cause a negative dilute result, as well.

Keep these two things in mind and you’ll be good to go.

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